Some New Ideas about Children’s Food

If you want to make healthy and delicious foods for your children, then you can follow the steps given below:


  • A dish consisting of oatmeal or cereal (rice, wheat, maize, corn, etc.) mixed with cow’s milk without sugar or mixture of crushed ripe fruits and milk
  • Biscuits and steamed fruits mixed with milk
  • Toast with crushed banana
  • Boiled egg, crushed banana and pieces of other fruits
  • Steamed apple, curd and cereal without sugar


  • Rice porridge and crushed boiled potatoes
  • Soft boiled vegetables and crushed ripe fruits
  • Dal with soft boiled forcemeat
  • Boiled beans with toast (to reduce the amount of salt and sugar)
  • Boiled fruits and custard
  • Toast bread with the mixture of egg white and yolk
  • Bread with cheese sauce, cucumber and carrot pieces


  • Crushed sweet potato with crushed gram and cauliflower
  • Rice with crushed beans and cucumber
  • Rice with crushed boiled peas/dal
  • Minced chicken with crushed potato and vegetable soup
  • Crushed fish and peas
  • Fish poached in milk with potatoes, broccoli and carrots

Fruits and vegetables

To make your children more interested in taking fruits and vegetables, you can apply the following methods:

  • You can pizza or other foods with their favorite fruits or vegetables.
  • For snack or breakfast, you can give them carrot, tomato or pieces of apple.
  • You can mix rice with crushed vegetables, potatoes and dal.
  • You can make delicious desserts with fresh or cooked fruits mixed with yogurt or cream cheese.

You can mix pieces of prunes or dried walnut with yogurt or cereal.

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