Maya pharmacy Lubricants Johnson KY Lubricating jelly 50 ML

Johnson KY Jelly 50 ml

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Presented by dreamshops. k-y lubricating jelly from johnson & johnson is a water soluble personal lubricant. most doctors recommend k-y jelly, as water based k-y jelly is safer and more effective than other lubricants. clear, non greasy k-y jelly is the perfect supplement to your own natural moisture, so that your lovemaking is instantly more pleasurable. k-y is safe to use with condoms, unlike petroleum jelly or baby oil. k-y is clear and clean-rinsing, easy and convenient to use, non-greasy and non-sticky, hygienic and ph balanced, with no fragrance and alcohol . direction : squeeze gently and applying onto your intimate areas or any parts of your body.

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