Maya Pregnancy Tests Pregnancy Test Kit 1 Kit

BioTest Pregnancy Test Kit 1 Kit

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BioTest has one of the most complete range of pregnancy test. No matter what is the criteria you are looking for, we will have one that will meet with your need. BioTest Pregnancy Test Kit meets with the European CE quality standard. The accuracy are above 99% and the result are obtained within minutes.


  • If price is your main concern, you can look for the BioTest Pregnancy Test Strip. It is the most basic test in a strip format.
  • Then we have the BioTest One-Step Pregnancy Test. This is the same strip placed in a transparent plastic housing so you will feel more comfortable holding the test.
  • We also have the BioTest Pregnancy Test Cassette. There is a white plastic casing enclosing the test inside, exposing only two places that you need to know – where to place your urine (using a dropper provided) and where to read the result.
  • Finally, our most convenient format, the BioTest Pregnancy Midstream Test. It has a elongated plastic casing with a cover. Once you open the cover, you can place the test directly under your urine stream, close the cover and wait for the result.

With BioTest Pregnancy Test Kit, you can perform the test in the privacy of your home and find out the result within minutes.Do remember to read the instructions clearly before performing the test to ensure that you understand how to use the test and get a reliable result.

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