Maya diapers Huggies Dry Pant Diaper XL (12-17 KG) 42 Pcs

Huggies Dry Pant Diaper XL (12-17 KG) 42 Pcs

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Product details of Huggies Dry Pant Diaper (XL) Extra Large-42 Pcs (12-17 KG) - Malaysian

  • Dry Xpert Channel Technology
  • Xtra Flex Fit
  • Absorbs Up To 10 Hours
  • 100% Breathable
  • Leak Guard

The new X-shaped channel technology distributes the urine 4 ways across the pad for fast absorption and lock it in keeping your baby’s gentle skin dry and comfortable. The X-shaped channels distribute the urine more evenly to improve diaper fit and flexibility keeping your baby comfortable. Absorbs urine for up to 10 hours, helping your baby feel dry through the night. 3Based on average urine produced per 10 hours and 100% retention capacity of the diaper. Allows air to escape up to 10X faster to help prevent diaper rash. Vs non-breathable covers. Our U-fold technology provides double leak barriers which help prevent urine leakage along the legs.

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