Maya Dietary Supplement NITRAFLEX Fat Burn Supplement 30 serving

NITRAFLEX Fat Burn Supplement 30 serving

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Nitraflex Burn contains ingredients that in animal, in vitro and clinical studies possess properties that may help advanced athletes maximize energy, intensity, vascularity, and reactive hyperemia (pumps) during their workouts, and provide long term support of Nitric Oxide levels in the body when used as directed

The Nitrosigine ingredient has scientifically validated benefits that last up to 6 hours after dosing. In addition to vasodilation (pump) and overall performance enhancing benefits, it’s also been clinically shown to increase mental focus.

CaloriBurn GP™ is a branded form of Grains of Paradise, a spice from the ginger family that has unique properties, particularly for fitness enthusiasts. Research indicates it can increase the ratio of BAT, or brown adipose tissue, to that of WAT, or white adipose tissue. The latter’s primary function is fat storage. The former; however, is a thermogenic tissue that can increase energy expenditure and lead to a potential drop in unwanted visceral fat tissue, primarily seen around the abdomen. In addition to the fat burning benefits found in research, CaloriBurn GP™ may help support a healthy inflammatory response, have anti-microbial properties, could aid in glucose control (*another pathway for fat loss), may have potential neuroprotective properties and finally, could even help with increasing levels of cardiovascular fitness. Lastly, CaloriBurn GP™ maintains all key performance bioactive compounds from the human literature, including 6-Paradol, 6-Gingerol, 6-Gingerdione, and 6-Shagaol.

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