Maya Odonil Air Freshener Block Mystic Rose

Odonil Air Freshener Block Mystic Rose

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"Odonil Natural Air Fresheners are available in 'Block' formats. Odonil Blocks are small space fragrances that can be used in your bathrooms, home, toilet, and cupboards etc.

Odonil Natural Air Freshener has nature-inspired fragrances which last up to 30 days. Odonil Natural Air Freshener comes in a range of four exciting fragrances like Orchid, Rose, Lavender & Jasmine.

Odonil Air Freshener has special odor busters that keep the unpleasant smell away. Bring home the nature-inspired fragrances from Odonil. With its natural fragrances and exquisite perfumes, Odonil Air Freshener helps you to keep your home smelling fresh and happy. "

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