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Maya Bandage One Time Bandage Newstrip 20 Pcs

One Time Bandage Newstrip 20 Pcs

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Product details of one time bandage - 20 pcs

  • Have the casualty lie down, if possible.
  • Place a clean, sterile, cloth directly over the bleeding site. If available, Recuer should wear gloves to protect from Bloodborne Pathogens.
  • Firmly apply pressure to the wound using one or both hands. Apply a bandage to hold the first dressing in place.
  • Apply additional cloths or pads if bleeding continues. Do not remove the initial dressing as this will tear away the clotted blood and cause bleeding to start over.
  • Elevate the bleeding site above the heart level if bleeding is difficult to control with firm, direct pressure. Do not elevate the limb if you suspect the possibility of broken bones or head, neck or spinal injury.
  • Provides extra flexibility Stretchable and comfortable fabric moves with you to fit better,
  • Flexible enough to move with you anywhere you go,
  • Ideal for bumps and scrapes,
  • Packaged for individual use and to replenish first aid stations and kits