Maya Shop stretch marks Sebamed Anti Stretch Mark Cream 200ml

Sebamed Anti Stretch Mark Cream 200ml

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  • About this item Free from Animal ingredients Helps to reduce existing stretch marks Helps to restore the connective tissue.
  • Imported from UK.

Sebamed anti-stretch mark cream will keep your skin looking its
best and help to prevent stretch marks from occurring. Its pH
value of 5.5 stabilises the health of the skin's natural
hydro-lipid barrier, The acid mantle. Thanks to the unique triple
soft formula, your skin's elasticity is given optimal support.
Natural avocado oil and shea butter are combined with other
lipids to provide effective skin care and protection of the upper
skin layers. Unique combination of Centella Asiatica (tiger
grass) extract and peptides supported by the liquid-crystalline
lipid structure of an olive oil derived complex, allow a better
adaptation of the connective tissue to the changing body volume
with less structural damage.

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