Maya pharmacy Shampoo Select Plus Shampoo 75 ml
Maya pharmacy Shampoo Select Plus Shampoo 75 ml

Select Plus Shampoo 75 ml

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Dandruff affects everyone- men, women and even children. Normal anti-dandruff shampoo can’t solve the severe dandruff problems. Frustrated, they opt for other remedies but to no avail.To those who are suffering silently from dandruff, Select Plus now has the perfect solution. Select Plus with its 1.99% ketoconazole formulation, ensures that the severe dandruff problem is solved and doesn’t return. From the very first wash, users can feel the difference.

  • Humid Climate And Perspiration
  • High Air Pollution And Frequent Exposure To Sunlight
  • Shared Beds/Combs
  • Poor Maintenance Of Hygiene
  • Taking Bath With Stagnant & Polluted Water.
  • Dry Or Greasy Scaling On Scalp & Other Parts Of The Body  ( Seborrhoeic Dermatitis)