Maya pharmacy Sexual Durex Play Sweet Strawberry Lubricant 50 ml

Durex Play Sweet Strawberry Lubricant 50 ml

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Enjoy the taste and aroma of strawberries all year round – add even more flavor to your sex life! Gel lubricant Play Strawberry is a fun and fruity way to sweeten your sex. Enjoy the taste and aroma of strawberries all year round!This product contains no sugar, so it can be used as often as you want - both for oral and for vaginal sex.Why use lubricant?The use of a lubricant may add spice to your sex life. Experiment with different flavours and sensations until you find what suits you best. From time to time, regardless of how much you are excited, the body does not produce sufficient lubrication, and in this case you can use some gel-lube. Lubricant is also ideal for use with vibrators if you want more intense sensations. Gel lubricant water-based blend perfectly with the Durex condoms, but oil-based can damage them, so be sure to check composition before use.Be sure all the gel lubricant Durex suitable for use with condoms!

Сontain  no  spermicides and  not a contraceptive.
Storage: Store at room temperature in a dry, inaccessible for children place away from direct sunlight. Once opened use within three months.
Usage information: Open by turning the upper part of the package. Gently squeeze a bit of gel lubricant and apply to intimate area. You can also apply on the outside wearing a condom. Easily washed off with water, not sticky and leaves no stains. Suitable for vaginal, anal and oral sex. Safe for possible ingestion. Do not damage condoms.
Precautions: Can slow down sperm, so if you plan to become pregnant, before using you must consult your doctor. Avoid contact with eyes. Discontinue use if irritation develops. Consult with a doctor if irritation persists or there is a need to use a gel lubricant regularly.

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