Maya Pregnancy Mothers Smile Profom Nutrition Supplement - 400 gm

Mothers Smile Profom Nutrition Supplement - 400 gm

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Product Type - A balanced Nutrition Supplement for Pregnant and Breast-Feeding Mothers.

Excellence in food quality and safety - Pregnancy and lactating are the most nutritionally demanded period for a women's life. The body needs extra nutrients during this time for growing baby and child-bearing mother. The developing baby gets all the required nutrients from the mother that she takes as food and supplements. The needs of essential nutrients are more necessary to pregnant and lactating mothers than another woman. The additional need is about per day during this vital period.

Optimal Well - Being For You and Your Baby - During this demanding time in pregnancy and lactating period you need peace of mind and nutrition. Profom is formulated for you to be healthy and active in the pregnancy & lactating Period. Profom is a specialized composition of dairy-based powder that is enriched with vitamins, minerals, Dietary fiber, and DHA to create a nutritionally advanced product suitable for pregnant and lactating mothers.

Product Benefit -

  • 100% Australian Made
  • high in milk proteins
  • Optimize Energy Levels
  • No added flavor
  • 100% Sugar-Free
  • Enriched with Folic Acid, Calcium, Iron, Zinc & DHA
  • Low in sodium, high in calcium and Vitamin D
  • Ideal Supplemented food option for pregnant and lactating women who wish to meet additional energy and nutrient needs

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