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GNC Pro Bulk 1340 Chocolate 5.5 KG

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  • 50g of Fast, Medium and Slow Releasing Quality Protein
  • Infused with Ribose and MCTs for Rapid Muscle Energy
  • With Essential Amino Acids and Great Source of Fiber


When you need results, you need Pro Performance Mass Gainer Complex. This scientifically advanced formula is powered by a 50g protein complex system that supplies fast, medium and slow digesting quality proteins. This helps ensure your muscles get the amino acids they need quickly and over time for prolonged results.

 Mass Gainer Complex provides the conditionally essential amino acid, arginine, a critical component in helping the body create nitric oxide for greater pumps. It also supplies essential Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) isoleucine, leucine and valine. BCAA help fuel your muscles, preserve muscle energy supplies and help to reduce muscle breakdown during intense exercise.

Mass Gainer Complex also contains a special blend of fiber and complex carbohydrates to power the body’s primary energy creation machinery. This dual-carbohydrate system provides both rapid-absorbing and prolonged fuel for your muscles when you need it most. It also helps to replenish energy stores after high-intensity training. Pro-Performance Mass Gainer Complex is also powered by ribose and medium chain triglycerides (MCT) which are quickly absorbed for pure muscle energy – with absolutely no trans fat!

With Pro Performance® Mass Gainer Complex, you get the combination of protein, essential amines, pure carbs and unique micronutrients to drive your body to help put on the added size that you want – fast!

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