Maya Shop Supplements Modern BCAA-Mango Orange 30Pcs

Modern BCAA-Mango Orange 30Pcs

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  • MODERN BCAA POWDER FOR MEN & WOMEN – Modern BCAA has been helping athlete’s recover, rehydrate and perform since 2010
  • SUGAR-FREE BRANCHED CHAIN AMINO ACIDS – zero sugar, zero carbs and zero calories in every delicious serving
  • IMPROVE MUSCLE RECOVERY, HYDRATION & PERFORMANCE – consume BCAAs before, during and after you work out to promote recovery and hydration
  • REDUCES MUSCLE SORENESS - the 8:1:1 BCAA blend is enhanced by a 654 mg Electrolyte Blend and the addition of All taming, a special glutamine form, to improve muscle hydration and to reduce post workout soreness
  • DELICIOUS, LIGHT & REFRESHING FLAVORS – Fruit Punch, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, Pineapple Strawberry, Mango Orange, Pink Lemonade, Grape Bubblegum, Peach Tea and Green Apple

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