Maya diapers Huggies Wonder Pants Bubble Bed L (9-14 kg) 64 Pcs

Huggies Wonder Pants Bubble Bed L (9-14 kg) 64 Pcs

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Product details of Huggies Wonder Pants (Bubble Bed) L 64s (9-14 kg)

  • Product Type:Wonder Pants (Bubble Bed)
  • Quantity Per Bag: 64s
  • Diaper Size: L (9-14 kg)
  • Brand: Huggies
  • Country of origin: India

About Huggies

This next generation diaper pant, the new Bubble Huggies, has been designed keeping the needs of parents in mind. As parents, you always want your baby’s skin to be protected and comforted. The new Bubble-Bed TM technology has been carefully designed to take care of your baby’s tender & delicate skin, like never before.

You’ve just delivered your little one and are ready to finally leave the hospital. That’s happiness you just can’t contain! Many new experiences and feelings await. And one of those new experiences, which may seem a little cumbersome sometimes, is diapering. Your baby spends a good part of their day in a diaper. Therefore, choosing the right diaper is extremely important. And this is where, we can do our part in making your motherhood journey more enjoyable.

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