Maya Wipes Pozzy Comfort Cotton Wet Wipes 120 Pes

Pozzy Comfort Cotton Wet Wipes 120 Pes

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Product details of Pozzy Comfort Cotton Wet Wipes 120Pes

  • Product Type:wipes
  • Capacity: 120Pcs
  • Brand : Huggies
  • Good Quality Product
  • Wet Wipes Double-sized Tissues.
  • 360 Square Centimeters (20x18).
  • Half of the market's most tissue Kidz or (15x12) or 180 square centimeters. So, just by looking at the number of tissues, you can cheat by buying tissues.
  • Being larger in size, Kidz Wet Wipes is much more affordable and convenient to use and use.
  • When using harmful chemicals to create artificial fragrances, other tissues in the market, when your baby suffers from the risk of proliferation and cancer, Kidz gives 100 percent guarantee of your child's safety. Because Kidz is 100 percent alcohol free.

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