Maya throat Strepsils Honey And Lemon Lozenges 24 Cap

Strepsils Honey And Lemon Lozenges 24 Cap

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Buy Strepsils honey and lemon lozenges 24pcs online in Bangladesh from This try to our best selling Strepsils honey and lemon lozenges to relieve the discomfort of sore throats.

Key benefits

  • Works to fight the effects of sore throats
  • Two types on antiseptics work to fight the infection
  • Stand up to your sore throat from the start
  • Helps prevent sore throat pain from getting worse
  • Help fight bacteria too as they contains two effective antiseptics
  • Get sore throat relief that works in just 5 minutes
  • Works for up to 2 hours
  • Dry and scratchy throat
  • Strepsils works long after the lozenge has gone
  • Contains a combination of two effective antiseptic ingredients
  • Total 24 Pcs